Find Us: 36b Cherry Road, Pinetown 3610.

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Daphne Andersen

TEL: +27(0)31 702 3223

FAX: +27(0)31 702 2756


Ursula Peach (Heat Treatment, Powder Coating, E-Coating)




Sandra Fouché (Plastics)




Contract Heat Treatment


Automotive Components, Lawnmower Blades, Spring Washers, Rivets and other similar high volume carbon steel components using Austemper or Martemper methods.


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Plastic Injection Moulding


Beads, Bed legs, Furniture legs




Plastic Beads

Furniture legs

Powder Coating


Customised and Production Powder Coating.

Sole user of Glitter Powders and Metallic Powders not otherwise found in South Africa


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Contract E-Coating


Automotive, Lawnmower blades, Cliplocks and other similar components requiring corrosion resistant finish



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